We Generate Passive Income for our Clients with Fully Automated ECOM Businesses

Work Smart, Not Hard. Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Running an E-Commerce store has a huge learning curve. You’ll need to test several strategies, be willing to fail multiple times and be prepared to burn money in the initial years of running your store.

You’ll need to be constantly on your toes – Learning, Negotiating with vendors, troubleshooting customer queries.

With us, you can remove the learning curve, failures and testing phase.

You are simply offloading all the work to an agency that is brutally good at running profitable stores.

Is Dropshipping Saturated?

Yes, dropshipping is saturated… for people who don’t know what they are doing.

Let me ask you a question, is becoming a professional football player saturated? For average people, yes it is saturated. But imagine you have the skills & work ethic of Cristiano Ronaldo. Football is not saturated for you. You have a high chance of success.

Now imagine your E-commerce business fully built and run by a team of experts who generate multiple 6 figures every year. Dropshipping is saturated for most people, but you have a unique opportunity to succeed.

Our Profitable Done For You System

Step 1: Product-Market Fit

We select a product after thorough market research - Something that the market needs and will stay relevant in the long term.

Step 2: Choose a Target Market

We find a hyper-specific target audience for your product. We don't sell random products to random people, that's an easy way to lose money.

Step 3: Build a Branded Store

We will build you a custom one product Shopify website designed to rack up as many sales as possible.

Step 4: Custom Photos & Video Ads

Our content team will create original, engaging, powerful content to keep your target audience hooked and ready to buy your product.

Step 5: Launch Facebook Ads

I have been running influencer and FB ads since I was 16 years old. We have a proven track record of success. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in Facebook advertising, ensuring that your ad campaigns are always optimized for success.

Step 6: We Manage + Grow Your Business

We charge $300/month to manage & grow your store. We handle everything including ads management, customer support & order fulfillment. An online store grows 10 times faster than traditional businesses.

Hear Directly From Our Clients

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Adam Rodriguez (0-$10k/Month)

Adam is a former US Marines Corp and a great communicator. But unfortunately he had 0 computer & E-commerce related skills. We met on Instagram and he decided to launch an E-commerce store with us. We dropshipped an ear cleaning device with Facebook ads. He went from 0-$10k per month in sales within only two months.

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Ante Pereza (Zero to Hero)

Ante was your average dropshipper. He tried everything and still couldn’t get a single sale. After partnering with us, he started getting 10+ orders daily within a few weeks.

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Joyce Morales ($500+ Daily)

Being a full time mother, she didn’t have the time to learn the skills and build an ECOM business. After partnering up with us, her store is now making $500+ daily selling portable chainsaws. The good news? It’s all passive income for her.

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Why Choose Us?

100% Ownership of the Business

All of the assets belong to YOU. Think of us as a hardworking part of your team.

Enjoy Passive Income

We charge $300/month to manage & grow your store. We handle everything including Facebook ads, customer support & order fulfillment.

Protected With a Contract

I get it, you might be concerned about getting scammed. We will send you a contract to protect both of our rights.

Our Guarantee Will Blow Your Mind

We are not scared to talk about the worst case scenario. What if your store doesn’t get sales and you are losing money?

This is our guarantee, if your store doesn’t get more than $1000 in sales within 30 days of running ads, we will replace your product, store and ads for FREE. We won’t stop until you are profitable.

We Are The Best In The Industry, Here Is Why..

Other E-commerce Programs:

❌ Cookie-cutter information

❌ You Are Left on Your Own

❌ Huge Learning Curve

❌ Failing Multiple Times

❌ Requires A Lot of Time & Energy

Our E-commerce Automation Program:

✅ Fully Done for You

✅ Leverage Industry Experts

✅ Incredibly Easy To Start & Scale

✅ Zero Space for Mistakes

✅ Completely Automated

I Made It Happen From a 3rd World Country, What's Your Excuse?

I grew up in Bangladesh, a 3rd world country. An average guy in my city makes $300/month.

I hoped that my education would help me become finally independent so I toiled at school…

However, I soon realized that educated people were still miserable at their boring 9-5 jobs.

Just when I started to lose hope, YouTube recommended me a video on dropshipping. I decided to learn about it and give it a shot.

I launched my first store, and it made a MILLION DOLLARS. Just kidding, it failed miserably. After a ton of failed stores, I started stacking up key skills like sales, marketing, copywriting, persuasion, etc. which helped me create 6 figures stores for myself and clients.

Everyone sees the success, but they don’t see the 4 AM nights I pulled off to become a master of the craft.

Become Your Own Boss At An Affordable Price

Winning Product

Fully Built Store

Branding & Logo Design 

Marketing Plan & Research 

World Class Copywriting 

Custom Content & Ads 

Profitable Facebook Ads 

Email & SMS Marketing 

Search Engine Optimisation 

Shopify Apps Setup 

Lifetime Guidance

Total Value: $10,000

Special Sale Price: Only $3000

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the expenses:

Shopify plan: $29/month
Shopify apps: approx. $30/month

Advertisement: $50/day (usually paid with credit)

Usually products that we sell never die out because we choose useful products that solve problems. Not just trendy products like fidget spinners that die out quickly. In the odd case that it does die out, we give a free replacement

It takes us 1 month to complete everything, including  building the store and launching ads.

You will need $50/day ($1500/month) for ad spend.

Yes, this is a lifetime business. E-Commerce sales were $870 billion in the US in 2021, a 14.2% increase over 2020 and a 50.5% increase over 2019. The industry is showing no signs of slowing down.

The truth is, Facebook rules change all the time. We don’t focus on complex ad strategies, instead we believe in simplicity and creating strong foundations.

Our stores and ads get an average of 4% conversion rates, highest in the industry (industry average is only 2%)

This is our Facebook Ad testing Strategy: CBO (Campaign budget optimization) at $50-100/day with 10 ad sets inside. We test 3 video ads in total.

We will just need a few things from you: Payment processor set up, PayPal business account, adding your card to Shopify, and opening Facebook Business Manager account. We will send you an email with detailed steps once the store is ready to launch.
Our mission is to always complete as much of the work as possible, and let our clients do the least. That’s why everything should take less than 1 hour for you to set up.

Yes! We have experienced and reliable assistants on our team to fulfill orders, handle customer support and everything in between.

We charge $300/month to grow and manage your store, which makes it a full passive income source for you.

We charge $300/month to manage orders & customer support. It starts from the day we launch ads.

We will build you a lifetime dropshipping business. We will take care of all the steps. This is a FULLY DONE FOR YOU service. Read our free ebook for more information here.